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At Pelleteri Chiropractic, we offer the highest standard of patient care. Dr. Pelleteri graduated from the University of Bridgeport Doctor of Chiropractic program. He previously graduated from Regis College with a bachelor's degree in Exercise Science and Physiology. He was a 4 year member of their track and field team as a thrower as well. He was intoduced to the world of Chiropractic in high school after dealing with injuries that put him on the sideline. After a few visits to his father's chiropractor, Dr. Pelleteri was back in the circle throwing with no pain.  Dr. Pelleteri has taken these experiences and knowledge to help people get back to a pain free life.

We focus on delivering the highest quality of patient care in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. We understand that no two people or injuries are the same, which is why we create a custom-made recovery and rehabilitation plan for each patient.

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